FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)


How do you assess my house remotely?

We assess your house by using aerial imagery in conjunction with Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) data. An airborne laser targets a certain area (your roof) which reflects a pulsed beam of light. The reflected light is recorded by a sensor and the range is measured. The laser ranges are then combined with orientation and position data generated from GPS and integrated Inertial measurement unit systems, scan angles, and calibration data. This creates a “point cloud” which is a detailed group of elevation points. Every point in the point cloud has a three dimensional spatial coordinate for latitude, longitude, and height. This corresponds to a particular point on the earth’s surface from which the laser pulse was reflected (your roof).  

How does the financing work?

EONEX uses Spruce Finance. You can apply for financing directly through them over the phone or through their secure website.  

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. We love cash just like you do.  

Can the solar panels be mounted somewhere other than my roof?

EONEX specializes in roof mounted solar panels and therefore will not mount them anywhere else.  

Why wouldn’t my house be suitable?

In very rare cases, we believe a house may not be suitable for solar panels because of outside factors affecting how efficient the solar panels are able to work. For instance, you may have large trees that block the sun from hitting your roof. In this case, the solar panels would not work efficiently without the trees being removed. The slope of the roof could prevent the solar panels from getting the sufficient amount of sun. The orientation of the roof could also cause problems if it’s facing a direction (North, South, East, or West) that doesn’t allow the solar panels to be in direct sunlight for a sufficient amount of time.  

Is there a warranty?

All of the components include a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. This will include parts like the panels and inverters.  

I have a flat roof. Can I still get solar panels?

Absolutely! The important thing is the solar panels are in the direct path of sunlight.  

Do the solar panels get dirty?

Yes, they do. We provide free cleaning as well.